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Fleet 1

Definition: To sail; to float.

Fleet 2

Definition: To fly swiftly; to pass over quickly; to hasten; to flit as a light substance.

Fleet 3

Definition: To slip on the whelps or the barrel of a capstan or windlass; said of a cable or hawser.

Fleet 4

Definition: To pass over rapidly; to skin the surface of; as, a ship that fleets the gulf.

Fleet 5

Definition: To hasten over; to cause to pass away lighty, or in mirth and joy.

Fleet 6

Definition: To draw apart the blocks of; said of a tackle.

Fleet 7

Definition: To cause to slip down the barrel of a capstan or windlass, as a rope or chain.

Fleet 8

Definition: Swift in motion; moving with velocity; light and quick in going from place to place; nimble.

Fleet 9

Definition: Light; superficially thin; not penetrating deep, as soil.

Fleet 10

Definition: A number of vessels in company, especially war vessels; also, the collective naval force of a country, etc.

Fleet 11

Definition: A flood; a creek or inlet; a bay or estuary; a river; obsolete, except as a place name, as Fleet Street in London.

Fleet 12

Definition: A former prison in London, which originally stood near a stream, the Fleet (now filled up).

Fleet 13

Definition: To take the cream from; to skim.

fleet 14

Definition: a group of warships organized as a tactical unit

fleet 15

Definition: a group of steamships operating together under the same ownership

fleet 16

Definition: group of motor vehicles operating together under the same ownership

fleet 17

Definition: group of aircraft operating together under the same ownership

fleet 18

Definition: disappear gradually; "The pain eventually passed off"

fleet 19

Definition: move along rapidly and lightly; skim or dart

fleet 20

Definition: moving very fast; "fleet of foot"; "the fleet scurrying of squirrels"; "a swift current"; "swift flight of an arrow"; "a swift runner"


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