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Flavor 1

Definition: That quality of anything which affects the smell; odor; fragrances; as, the flavor of a rose.

Flavor 2

Definition: That quality of anything which affects the taste; that quality which gratifies the palate; relish; zest; savor; as, the flavor of food or drink.

Flavor 3

Definition: That which imparts to anything a peculiar odor or taste, gratifying to the sense of smell, or the nicer perceptions of the palate; a substance which flavors.

Flavor 4

Definition: That quality which gives character to any of the productions of literature or the fine arts.

Flavor 5

Definition: To give flavor to; to add something (as salt or a spice) to, to give character or zest.

flavor 6

Definition: the taste experience when a savoury condiment is taken into the mouth

flavor 7

Definition: (physics) the kinds of quarks and antiquarks

flavor 8

Definition: the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people; "the feel of the city excited him"; "a clergyman improved the tone of the meeting"; "it had the smell of treason"

flavor 9

Definition: lend flavor to; "Season the chicken breast after roasting it"


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