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Favor 1

Definition: Kind regard; propitious aspect; countenance; friendly disposition; kindness; good will.

Favor 2

Definition: The act of countenancing, or the condition of being countenanced, or regarded propitiously; support; promotion; befriending.

Favor 3

Definition: A kind act or office; kindness done or granted; benevolence shown by word or deed; an act of grace or good will, as distinct from justice or remuneration.

Favor 4

Definition: Mildness or mitigation of punishment; lenity.

Favor 5

Definition: The object of regard; person or thing favored.

Favor 6

Definition: A gift or represent; something bestowed as an evidence of good will; a token of love; a knot of ribbons; something worn as a token of affection; as, a marriage favor is a bunch or knot of white ribbons or white flowers worn at a wedding.

Favor 7

Definition: Appearance; look; countenance; face.

Favor 8

Definition: Partiality; bias.

Favor 9

Definition: A letter or epistle; so called in civility or compliment; as, your favor of yesterday is received.

Favor 10

Definition: Love locks.

Favor 11

Definition: To regard with kindness; to support; to aid, or to have the disposition to aid, or to wish success to; to be propitious to; to countenance; to treat with consideration or tenderness; to show partiality or unfair bias towards.

Favor 12

Definition: To afford advantages for success to; to facilitate; as, a weak place favored the entrance of the enemy.

Favor 13

Definition: To resemble in features; to have the aspect or looks of; as, the child favors his father.

favor 14

Definition: an act of gracious kindness

favor 15

Definition: souvenir consisting of a small gift given to a guest at a party

favor 16

Definition: an advantage to the benefit of someone or something; "the outcome was in his favor"

favor 17

Definition: an inclination to approve; "that style is in favor this season"

favor 18

Definition: a feeling of favorable regard

favor 19

Definition: consider as the favorite; "The local team was favored"

favor 20

Definition: promote over another; "he favors his second daughter"

favor 21

Definition: bestow a privilege upon

favor 22

Definition: treat gently or carefully


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