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Export 1

Definition: To carry away; to remove.

Export 2

Definition: To carry or send abroad, or out of a country, especially to foreign countries, as merchandise or commodities in the way of commerce; the opposite of import; as, to export grain, cotton, cattle, goods, etc.

Export 3

Definition: The act of exporting; exportation; as, to prohibit the export of wheat or tobacco.

Export 4

Definition: That which is exported; a commodity conveyed from one country or State to another in the way of traffic; used chiefly in the plural, exports.

export 5

Definition: commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country

export 6

Definition: cause to spread in another part of the world; "The Russians exported Marxism to Africa"

export 7

Definition: sell or transfer abroad; "we export less than we import and have a negative trade balance"


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