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Expect 1

Definition: To wait for; to await.

Expect 2

Definition: To look for (mentally); to look forward to, as to something that is believed to be about to happen or come; to have a previous apprehension of, whether of good or evil; to look for with some confidence; to anticipate; often followed by an infinitive, sometimes by a clause (with, or without, that); as, I expect to receive wages; I expect that the troops will be defeated.

Expect 3

Definition: To wait; to stay.

Expect 4

Definition: Expectation.

expect 5

Definition: be pregnant with; "She is bearing his child"; "The are expecting another child in January"; "I am carrying his child"

expect 6

Definition: look forward to the birth of a child; "She is expecting in March"

expect 7

Definition: consider reasonable or due; "I''m expecting a full explanation as to why these files were destroyed"

expect 8

Definition: regard something as probable or likely; "The meteorologists are expecting rain for tomorrow"

expect 9

Definition: look forward to the probable occurrence of; "We were expecting a visit from our relatives"; "She is looking to a promotion"; "he is waiting to be drafted"

expect 10

Definition: consider obligatory; request and expect; "We require our secretary to be on time"; "Aren''t we asking too much of these children?"; "I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons"


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