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End 1

Definition: The extreme or last point or part of any material thing considered lengthwise (the extremity of breadth being side); hence, extremity, in general; the concluding part; termination; close; limit; as, the end of a field, line, pole, road; the end of a year, of a discourse; put an end to pain; opposed to beginning, when used of anything having a first part.

End 2

Definition: Point beyond which no procession can be made; conclusion; issue; result, whether successful or otherwise; conclusive event; consequence.

End 3

Definition: Termination of being; death; destruction; extermination; also, cause of death or destruction.

End 4

Definition: The object aimed at in any effort considered as the close and effect of exertion; ppurpose; intention; aim; as, to labor for private or public ends.

End 5

Definition: That which is left; a remnant; a fragment; a scrap; as, odds and ends.

End 6

Definition: One of the yarns of the worsted warp in a Brussels carpet.

End 7

Definition: To bring to an end or conclusion; to finish; to close; to terminate; as, to end a speech.

End 8

Definition: To form or be at the end of; as, the letter k ends the word back.

End 9

Definition: To destroy; to put to death.

End 10

Definition: To come to the ultimate point; to be finished; to come to a close; to cease; to terminate; as, a voyage ends; life ends; winter ends.

end 11

Definition: a position on the line of scrimmage; "no one wanted to play end"

end 12

Definition: the part you are expected to play; "he held up his end"

end 13

Definition: a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold

end 14

Definition: a final part or section; "we have given it at the end of the section since it involves the calculus"; "Start at the beginning and go on until you come to the end"

end 15

Definition: the state of affairs that a plan is intended to achieve and that (when achieved) terminates behavior intended to achieve it; "the ends justify the means"

end 16

Definition: the last section of a communication; "in conclusion I want to say..."

end 17

Definition: the concluding parts of an event or occurrence; "the end was exciting"; "I had to miss the last of the movie"

end 18

Definition: a boundary marking the extremities of something; "the end of town"

end 19

Definition: either extremity of something that has length; "the end of the pier"; "she knotted the end of the thread"; "they rode to the end of the line"

end 20

Definition: the surface at either extremity of a three-dimensional object; "one end of the box was marked `This side up''"

end 21

Definition: one of two places from which people are communicating to each other; "the phone rang at the other end"; "both ends wrote at the same time"

end 22

Definition: (football) the person who plays at one end of the line of scrimmage; "the end managed to hold onto the pass"

end 23

Definition: a final state; "he came to a bad end"; "the so-called glorious experiment came to an inglorious end"

end 24

Definition: the point in time at which something ends; "the end of the year"; "the ending of warranty period"

end 25

Definition: bring to an end or halt; "She ended their friendship when she found out that he had once been convicted of a crime"; "The attack on Poland terminated the relatively peaceful period after WWI"

end 26

Definition: put an end to; "The terrible news ended our hopes that he had survived"

end 27

Definition: have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical; "the bronchioles terminate in a capillary bed"; "Your rights stop where you infringe upon the rights of other"; "My property ends by the bushes"; "The symphony end

end 28

Definition: be the end of; be the last or concluding part of; "This sad scene ended the movie"


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