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Encounter 1

Definition: To come against face to face; to meet; to confront, either by chance, suddenly, or deliberately; especially, to meet in opposition or with hostile intent; to engage in conflict with; to oppose; to struggle with; as, to encounter a friend in traveling; two armies encounter each other; to encounter obstacles or difficulties, to encounter strong evidence of a truth.

Encounter 2

Definition: To meet face to face; to have a meeting; to meet, esp. as enemies; to engage in combat; to fight; as, three armies encountered at Waterloo.

Encounter 3

Definition: A meeting face to face; a running against; a sudden or incidental meeting; an interview.

Encounter 4

Definition: A meeting, with hostile purpose; hence, a combat; a battle; as, a bloody encounter.

encounter 5

Definition: a casual meeting with a person of thing

encounter 6

Definition: a minor short-term fight

encounter 7

Definition: a hostile disagreement face-to-face

encounter 8

Definition: a casual or unexpected convergence; "he still remembers their meeting in Paris"; "there was a brief encounter in the hallway"

encounter 9

Definition: contend against an opponent in a sport, game, or battle; "Princeton plays Yale this weekend"; "Charlie likes to play Mary"

encounter 10

Definition: come together; "I''ll probably see you at the meeting"; "How nice to see you again!"

encounter 11

Definition: come upon, as if by accident; meet with; "We find this idea in Plato"; "I happened upon the most wonderful bakery not very far from here"; "She chanced upon an interesting book in the bookstore the other day"

encounter 12

Definition: be beset by; "The project ran into numerous financial difficulties"

encounter 13

Definition: experience as a reaction; "My proposal met with much opposition"


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