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Easily 1

Definition: With ease; without difficulty or much effort; as, this task may be easily performed; that event might have been easily foreseen.

Easily 2

Definition: Without pain, anxiety, or disturbance; as, to pass life well and easily.

Easily 3

Definition: Readily; without reluctance; willingly.

Easily 4

Definition: Smoothly; quietly; gently; gracefully; without /umult or discord.

Easily 5

Definition: Without shaking or jolting; commodiously; as, a carriage moves easily.

easily 6

Definition: indicating high probability; in all likelihood; "I might well do it"; "a mistake that could easily have ended in disaster"; "you may well need your umbrella"; "he could equally well be trying to deceive us"

easily 7

Definition: without question; "easily the best book she''s written"

easily 8

Definition: with ease (`easy'' is sometimes used informally for `easily''); "she was easily excited"; "was easily confused"; "he won easily"; "this china breaks very easily"; "success came too easy"


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