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Dome 1

Definition: A building; a house; an edifice; used chiefly in poetry.

Dome 2

Definition: A cupola formed on a large scale.

Dome 3

Definition: Any erection resembling the dome or cupola of a building; as the upper part of a furnace, the vertical steam chamber on the top of a boiler, etc.

Dome 4

Definition: A prism formed by planes parallel to a lateral axis which meet above in a horizontal edge, like the roof of a house; also, one of the planes of such a form.

Dome 5

Definition: Decision; judgment; opinion; a court decision.

dome 6

Definition: a hemispherical roof

dome 7

Definition: a stadium that has a roof

dome 8

Definition: informal terms for a human head

dome 9

Definition: a concave shape whose distinguishing characteristic is that the concavity faces downward


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