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Distant 1

Definition: Separated; having an intervening space; at a distance; away.

Distant 2

Definition: Far separated; far off; not near; remote; in place, time, consanguinity, or connection; as, distant times; distant relatives.

Distant 3

Definition: Reserved or repelling in manners; cold; not cordial; somewhat haughty; as, a distant manner.

Distant 4

Definition: Indistinct; faint; obscure, as from distance.

Distant 5

Definition: Not conformable; discrepant; repugnant; as, a practice so widely distant from Christianity.

distant 6

Definition: far distant in space; "distant lands"; "remote stars"; "a remote outpost of civilization"; "a hideaway far removed from towns and cities"

distant 7

Definition: far distant in time; "distant events"; "the remote past or future"; "a civilization ten centuries removed from modern times"

distant 8

Definition: separated in space or time or coming from or going to a distance; "the distant past"; "distant villages"; "the sound of distant traffic"; "a distant sound"; "a distant telephone call"

distant 9

Definition: far apart in relevance or relationship; "a distant cousin"; "a distant likeness"

distant 10

Definition: remote in manner; "stood apart with aloof dignity"; "a distant smile"; "he was upstage with strangers"


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