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Disorderly 1

Definition: Not in order; marked by disorder; disarranged; immethodical; as, the books and papers are in a disorderly state.

Disorderly 2

Definition: Not acting in an orderly way, as the functions of the body or mind.

Disorderly 3

Definition: Not complying with the restraints of order and law; tumultuous; unruly; lawless; turbulent; as, disorderly people; disorderly assemblies.

Disorderly 4

Definition: Offensive to good morals and public decency; notoriously offensive; as, a disorderly house.

Disorderly 5

Definition: In a disorderly manner; without law or order; irregularly; confusedly.

disorderly 6

Definition: undisciplined and unruly; "disorderly youths"; "disorderly conduct"

disorderly 7

Definition: completely unordered and unpredictable and confusing

disorderly 8

Definition: in utter disorder; "a disorderly pile of clothes"


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