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Discernment 1

Definition: The act of discerning.

Discernment 2

Definition: The power or faculty of the mind by which it distinguishes one thing from another; power of viewing differences in objects, and their relations and tendencies; penetrative and discriminate mental vision; acuteness; sagacity; insight; as, the errors of youth often proceed from the want of discernment.

discernment 3

Definition: the trait of judging wisely and objectively; "a man of discernment"

discernment 4

Definition: ability to make good judgments

discernment 5

Definition: perception of that which is obscure

discernment 6

Definition: delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values); "arrogance and lack of taste contributed to his rapid success"; "to ask at that particular time was the ultimate in bad taste"

discernment 7

Definition: the cognitive condition of someone who understands; "he has virtually no understanding of social cause and effect"


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