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Desolate 1

Definition: Destitute or deprived of inhabitants; deserted; uninhabited; hence, gloomy; as, a desolate isle; a desolate wilderness; a desolate house.

Desolate 2

Definition: Laid waste; in a ruinous condition; neglected; destroyed; as, desolate altars.

Desolate 3

Definition: Left alone; forsaken; lonely; comfortless.

Desolate 4

Definition: Lost to shame; dissolute.

Desolate 5

Definition: Destitute of; lacking in.

Desolate 6

Definition: To make desolate; to leave alone; to deprive of inhabitants; as, the earth was nearly desolated by the flood.

Desolate 7

Definition: To lay waste; to ruin; to ravage; as, a fire desolates a city.

desolate 8

Definition: devastate or ravage; "The enemy lay waste to the countryside after the invasion"

desolate 9

Definition: reduce in population; "The epidemic depopulated the countryside"

desolate 10

Definition: leave someone who needs or counts on you; leave in the lurch; "The mother deserted her children"

desolate 11

Definition: made uninhabitable; "upon this blasted heath"- Shakespeare; "a wasted landscape"

desolate 12

Definition: pitiable in circumstances especially through abandonment; "desolate and despairing"; "left forlorn"

desolate 13

Definition: crushed by grief; "depressed and desolate of soul"; "a low desolate wail"

desolate 14

Definition: providing no shelter or sustenance; "bare rocky hills"; "barren lands"; "the bleak treeless regions of the high Andes"; "the desolate surface of the moon"; "a stark landscape"


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