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Dado 1

Definition: That part of a pedestal included between the base and the cornice (or surbase); the die. See Illust. of Column.

Dado 2

Definition: In any wall, that part of the basement included between the base and the base course. See Base course, under Base.

Dado 3

Definition: In interior decoration, the lower part of the wall of an apartment when adorned with moldings, or otherwise specially decorated.

dado 4

Definition: a rectangular groove cut into a board so that another piece can fit into it

dado 5

Definition: the section of a pedestal between the base and the surbase

dado 6

Definition: panel forming the lower part of an interior wall when it is finished differently from the rest

dado 7

Definition: cut a dado into or fit into a dado

dado 8

Definition: provide with a dado; "The owners wanted to dado their dining room"


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