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Create 1

Definition: Created; composed; begotten.

Create 2

Definition: To bring into being; to form out of nothing; to cause to exist.

Create 3

Definition: To effect by the agency, and under the laws, of causation; to be the occasion of; to cause; to produce; to form or fashion; to renew.

Create 4

Definition: To invest with a new form, office, or character; to constitute; to appoint; to make; as, to create one a peer.

create 5

Definition: make or cause to be or to become; "make a mess in one''s office"; "create a furor"

create 6

Definition: create or manufacture a man-made product; "We produce more cars than we can sell"; "The company has been making toys for two centuries"

create 7

Definition: create by artistic means; "create a poem"; "Schoenberg created twelve-tone music"; "Picasso created Cubism"; "Auden made verses"

create 8

Definition: pursue a creative activity; be engaged in a creative activity; "Don''t disturb him--he is creating"

create 9

Definition: bring into existence; "The company was created 25 years ago"; "He created a new movement in painting"

create 10

Definition: invest with a new title, office, or rank; "Create one a peer"


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