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Correct 1

Definition: Set right, or made straight; hence, conformable to truth, rectitude, or propriety, or to a just standard; not faulty or imperfect; free from error; as, correct behavior; correct views.

Correct 2

Definition: To make right; to bring to the standard of truth, justice, or propriety; to rectify; as, to correct manners or principles.

Correct 3

Definition: To remove or retrench the faults or errors of; to amend; to set right; as, to correct the proof (that is, to mark upon the margin the changes to be made, or to make in the type the changes so marked).

Correct 4

Definition: To bring back, or attempt to bring back, to propriety in morals; to reprove or punish for faults or deviations from moral rectitude; to chastise; to discipline; as, a child should be corrected for lying.

Correct 5

Definition: To counteract the qualities of one thing by those of another; said of whatever is wrong or injurious; as, to correct the acidity of the stomach by alkaline preparations.

correct 6

Definition: treat a defect; "The new contact lenses will correct for his myopia"

correct 7

Definition: make right or correct; "Correct the mistakes"; "rectify the calculation"

correct 8

Definition: alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard; "Adjust the clock, please"; "correct the alignment of the front wheels"

correct 9

Definition: censure severely; "She chastised him for his insensitive remarks"

correct 10

Definition: go down in value; "the stock market corrected"; "prices slumped"

correct 11

Definition: make reparations or amends for; "right a wrongs done to the victims of the Holocaust"

correct 12

Definition: punish in order to gain control or enforce obedience; "The teacher disciplined the pupils rather frequently"

correct 13

Definition: adjust or make up for; "engineers will work to correct the effects or air resistance"

correct 14

Definition: free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth; "the correct answer"; "the correct version"; "the right answer"; "took the right road"; "the right decision"

correct 15

Definition: correct in opinion or judgment; "time proved him right"

correct 16

Definition: socially right or correct; "it isn''t right to leave the party without saying goodbye"; "correct behavior"

correct 17

Definition: in accord with accepted standards of usage or procedure; "what''s the right word for this?"; "the right way to open oysters"


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