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Copy 1

Definition: An abundance or plenty of anything.

Copy 2

Definition: An imitation, transcript, or reproduction of an original work; as, a copy of a letter, an engraving, a painting, or a statue.

Copy 3

Definition: An individual book, or a single set of books containing the works of an author; as, a copy of the Bible; a copy of the works of Addison.

Copy 4

Definition: That which is to be imitated, transcribed, or reproduced; a pattern, model, or example; as, his virtues are an excellent copy for imitation.

Copy 5

Definition: Manuscript or printed matter to be set up in type; as, the printers are calling for more copy.

Copy 6

Definition: A writing paper of a particular size. Same as Bastard. See under Paper.

Copy 7

Definition: Copyhold; tenure; lease.

Copy 8

Definition: To make a copy or copies of; to write; print, engrave, or paint after an original; to duplicate; to reproduce; to transcribe; as, to copy a manuscript, inscription, design, painting, etc.; often with out, sometimes with off.

Copy 9

Definition: To imitate; to attempt to resemble, as in manners or course of life.

Copy 10

Definition: To make a copy or copies; to imitate.

Copy 11

Definition: To yield a duplicate or transcript; as, the letter did not copy well.

copy 12

Definition: a secondary representation of an original; "she made a copy of the designer dress"

copy 13

Definition: matter to be printed; exclusive of graphical materials

copy 14

Definition: a reproduction of a written record (e.g. of a legal or school record)

copy 15

Definition: material suitable for a journalistic account; "catastrophes make good copy"

copy 16

Definition: make a replica of; "copy that drawing"; "re-create a picture by Rembrandt"

copy 17

Definition: biology: reproduce or make an exact copy of; "replicate the cell"; "copy the genetic information"

copy 18

Definition: reproduce someone''s behavior or looks; "The mime imitated the passers-by"; "Children often copy their parents or older siblings"

copy 19

Definition: copy down as is; "The students were made to copy the alphabet over and over"


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