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Conveyance 1

Definition: The act of conveying, carrying, or transporting; carriage.

Conveyance 2

Definition: The instrument or means of carrying or transporting anything from place to place; the vehicle in which, or means by which, anything is carried from one place to another; as, stagecoaches, omnibuses, etc., are conveyances; a canal or aqueduct is a conveyance for water.

Conveyance 3

Definition: The act or process of transferring, transmitting, handing down, or communicating; transmission.

Conveyance 4

Definition: The act by which the title to property, esp. real estate, is transferred; transfer of ownership; an instrument in writing (as a deed or mortgage), by which the title to property is conveyed from one person to another.

Conveyance 5

Definition: Dishonest management, or artifice.

conveyance 6

Definition: the act of transporting something from one location to another

conveyance 7

Definition: act of transferring property title from one person to another

conveyance 8

Definition: something that serves as a means of transportation

conveyance 9

Definition: the transmission of information

conveyance 10

Definition: document effecting a property transfer


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