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Contingent 1

Definition: Possible, or liable, but not certain, to occur; incidental; casual.

Contingent 2

Definition: Dependent on that which is undetermined or unknown; as, the success of his undertaking is contingent upon events which he can not control.

Contingent 3

Definition: Dependent for effect on something that may or may not occur; as, a contingent estate.

Contingent 4

Definition: An event which may or may not happen; that which is unforeseen, undetermined, or dependent on something future; a contingency.

Contingent 5

Definition: That which falls to one in a division or apportionment among a number; a suitable share; proportion; esp., a quota of troops.

contingent 6

Definition: a gathering of persons representative of some larger group; "each nation sent a contingent of athletes to the Olympics"

contingent 7

Definition: a temporary military unit; "the peace-keeping force includes one British contingent"

contingent 8

Definition: uncertain because of uncontrollable circumstances; "the results of confession were not contingent, they were certain"- George Eliot

contingent 9

Definition: determined by conditions or circumstances not yet established; "arms sales contingent on the approval of congress"

contingent 10

Definition: possible but not certain to occur; "they had to plan for contingent expenses"


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