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Content 1

Definition: Contained within limits; hence, having the desires limited by that which one has; not disposed to repine or grumble; satisfied; contented; at rest.

Content 2

Definition: That which is contained; the thing or things held by a receptacle or included within specified limits; as, the contents of a cask or bale or of a room; the contents of a book.

Content 3

Definition: Power of containing; capacity; extent; size.

Content 4

Definition: Area or quantity of space or matter contained within certain limits; as, solid contents; superficial contents.

Content 5

Definition: To satisfy the desires of; to make easy in any situation; to appease or quiet; to gratify; to please.

Content 6

Definition: To satisfy the expectations of; to pay; to requite.

Content 7

Definition: Acquiescence without examination.

Content 8

Definition: That which contents or satisfies; that which if attained would make one happy.

Content 9

Definition: An expression of assent to a bill or motion; an affirmative vote; also, a member who votes "Content.".

content 10

Definition: something (a person or object or scene) selected by an artist or photographer for graphic representation; "a moving picture of a train is more dramatic than a still picture of the same subject"

content 11

Definition: the sum or range of what has been perceived, discovered, or learned

content 12

Definition: what a communication that is about something is about

content 13

Definition: everything that is included in a collection; "he emptied the contents of his pockets"; "the two groups were similar in content"

content 14

Definition: the amount that can be contained; "the gas tank has a capacity of 12 gallons"

content 15

Definition: the proportion of a substance that is contained in a mixture or alloy etc.

content 16

Definition: the state of being contented with your situation in life; "he relaxed in sleepy contentedness"; "they could read to their heart''s content"

content 17

Definition: satisfy in a limited way; "He contented himself with one glass of beer per day"

content 18

Definition: make content; "I am contented"

content 19

Definition: satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are; "a contented smile"


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