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Consolidate 1

Definition: Formed into a solid mass; made firm; consolidated.

Consolidate 2

Definition: To make solid; to unite or press together into a compact mass; to harden or make dense and firm.

Consolidate 3

Definition: To unite, as various particulars, into one mass or body; to bring together in close union; to combine; as, to consolidate the armies of the republic.

Consolidate 4

Definition: To unite by means of applications, as the parts of a broken bone, or the lips of a wound.

Consolidate 5

Definition: To grow firm and hard; to unite and become solid; as, moist clay consolidates by drying.

consolidate 6

Definition: make firm or secure; strengthen; "consolidate one''s gains"; "consolidate one''s hold on first place"

consolidate 7

Definition: make or form into a solid or hardened mass; "consolidate fibers into boards"

consolidate 8

Definition: form into a solid mass or whole; "The mud had consolidated overnight"

consolidate 9

Definition: unite into one; "The companies consolidated"

consolidate 10

Definition: bring together into a single whole or system; "The town and county schools are being consolidated"


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