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Consideration 1

Definition: The act or process of considering; continuous careful thought; examination; contemplation; deliberation; attention.

Consideration 2

Definition: Attentive respect; appreciative regard; used especially in diplomatic or stately correspondence.

Consideration 3

Definition: Thoughtful or sympathetic regard or notice.

Consideration 4

Definition: Claim to notice or regard; some degree of importance or consequence.

Consideration 5

Definition: The result of delibration, or of attention and examonation; matured opinion; a reflection; as, considerations on the choice of a profession.

Consideration 6

Definition: That which is, or should be, taken into account as a ground of opinion or action; motive; reason.

Consideration 7

Definition: The cause which moves a contracting party to enter into an agreement; the material cause of a contract; the price of a stripulation; compensation; equivalent.

consideration 8

Definition: a considerate and thoughtful act

consideration 9

Definition: kind and considerate regard for others; "he showed no consideration for her feelings"

consideration 10

Definition: the process of giving careful thought to something

consideration 11

Definition: information that should be kept in mind when making a decision; "another consideration is the time it would take"

consideration 12

Definition: a discussion of a topic (as in a meeting); "consideration of the traffic problem took more than an hour"

consideration 13

Definition: a fee charged in advance to retain the services of someone


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