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Conservative 1

Definition: Having power to preserve in a safe of entire state, or from loss, waste, or injury; preservative.

Conservative 2

Definition: Tending or disposed to maintain existing institutions; opposed to change or innovation.

Conservative 3

Definition: Of or pertaining to a political party which favors the conservation of existing institutions and forms of government, as the Conservative party in England; contradistinguished from Liberal and Radical.

Conservative 4

Definition: One who, or that which, preserves from ruin, injury, innovation, or radical change; a preserver; a conserver.

Conservative 5

Definition: One who desires to maintain existing institutions and customs; also, one who holds moderate opinions in politics; opposed to revolutionary or radical.

Conservative 6

Definition: A member of the Conservative party.

conservative 7

Definition: a person who has conservative ideas or opinions

conservative 8

Definition: conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class; "a bourgeois mentality"

conservative 9

Definition: resistant to change

conservative 10

Definition: unimaginatively conventional; "a colorful character in the buttoned-down, dull-gray world of business"- Newsweek

conservative 11

Definition: avoiding excess; "a conservative estimate"

conservative 12

Definition: opposed to liberal reforms


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