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Community 1

Definition: Common possession or enjoyment; participation; as, a community of goods.

Community 2

Definition: A body of people having common rights, privileges, or interests, or living in the same place under the same laws and regulations; as, a community of monks. Hence a number of animals living in a common home or with some apparent association of interests.

Community 3

Definition: Society at large; a commonwealth or state; a body politic; the public, or people in general.

Community 4

Definition: Common character; likeness.

Community 5

Definition: Commonness; frequency.

community 6

Definition: (ecology) a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other

community 7

Definition: the body of people in a learned occupation; "the news spread rapidly through the medical community"

community 8

Definition: a group of people living in a particular local area; "the team is drawn from all parts of the community"

community 9

Definition: a group of people having ethnic or cultural or religious characteristics in common; "the Christian community of the apostolic age"; "he was well known throughout the Catholic community"

community 10

Definition: a group of nations having common interests; "they hoped to join the NATO community"

community 11

Definition: a district where people live; occupied primarily by private residences

community 12

Definition: common ownership; "they shared a community of possessions"

community 13

Definition: agreement as to goals; "the preachers and the bootleggers found they had a community of interests"


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