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Command 1

Definition: To order with authority; to lay injunction upon; to direct; to bid; to charge.

Command 2

Definition: To have within a sphere of control, influence, access, or vision; to dominate by position; to guard; to overlook.

Command 3

Definition: To have power or influence of the nature of authority over; to obtain as if by ordering; to receive as a due; to challenge; to claim; as, justice commands the respect and affections of the people; the best goods command the best price.

Command 4

Definition: To direct to come; to bestow.

Command 5

Definition: To have or to exercise direct authority; to govern; to sway; to influence; to give an order or orders.

Command 6

Definition: To have a view, as from a superior position.

Command 7

Definition: An authoritative order requiring obedience; a mandate; an injunction.

Command 8

Definition: The possession or exercise of authority.

Command 9

Definition: Authority; power or right of control; leadership; as, the forces under his command.

Command 10

Definition: Power to dominate, command, or overlook by means of position; scope of vision; survey.

Command 11

Definition: A body of troops, or any naval or military force or post, or the whole territory under the authority or control of a particular officer.

command 12

Definition: availability for use; "the materials at the command of the potters grew"

command 13

Definition: the power or authority to command; "an admiral in command"

command 14

Definition: great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity; "a good command of French"

command 15

Definition: (computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program

command 16

Definition: an authoritative direction or instruction to do something

command 17

Definition: a military unit or region under the control of a single officer

command 18

Definition: a position of highest authority; "the corporation has just undergone a change in command"

command 19

Definition: make someone do something

command 20

Definition: be in command of; "The general commanded a huge army"

command 21

Definition: demand as one''s due; "This speaker commands a high fee"; "The author commands a fair hearing from his readers"

command 22

Definition: exercise authoritative control or power over; "control the budget"; "Command the military forces"

command 23

Definition: look down on; "The villa dominates the town"


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