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Coat 1

Definition: An outer garment fitting the upper part of the body; especially, such a garment worn by men.

Coat 2

Definition: A petticoat.

Coat 3

Definition: The habit or vesture of an order of men, indicating the order or office; cloth.

Coat 4

Definition: An external covering like a garment, as fur, skin, wool, husk, or bark; as, the horses coats were sleek.

Coat 5

Definition: A layer of any substance covering another; a cover; a tegument; as, the coats of the eye; the coats of an onion; a coat of tar or varnish.

Coat 6

Definition: Same as Coat of arms. See below.

Coat 7

Definition: A coat card. See below.

Coat 8

Definition: To cover with a coat or outer garment.

Coat 9

Definition: To cover with a layer of any substance; as, to coat a jar with tin foil; to coat a ceiling.

coat 10

Definition: growth of hair or wool or fur covering the body of an animal

coat 11

Definition: an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down; worn outdoors

coat 12

Definition: a thin layer covering something; "a second coat of paint"

coat 13

Definition: cover or provide with a coat

coat 14

Definition: form a coat over; "Dirt had coated her face"

coat 15

Definition: put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface; "coat the cake with chocolate"


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