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Careful 1

Definition: Full of care; anxious; solicitous.

Careful 2

Definition: Filling with care or solicitude; exposing to concern, anxiety, or trouble; painful.

Careful 3

Definition: Taking care; giving good heed; watchful; cautious; provident; not indifferent, heedless, or reckless; often followed by of, for, or the infinitive; as, careful of money; careful to do right.

careful 4

Definition: exercising caution or showing care or attention; "they were careful when crossing the busy street"; "be careful to keep her shoes clean"; "did very careful research"; "careful art restorers"; "careful of the rights of others"; "careful about one''s behavi

careful 5

Definition: with care and dignity; "walking at the same measured pace"; "with all deliberate speed"

careful 6

Definition: mindful of the future in spending money; "careful with money"

careful 7

Definition: cautiously attentive; "careful of her feelings"; "heedful of his father''s advice"

careful 8

Definition: full of cares or anxiety; "Thou art careful and troubled about many things"-Luke 10.41


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