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Cable 1

Definition: A large, strong rope or chain, of considerable length, used to retain a vessel at anchor, and for other purposes. It is made of hemp, of steel wire, or of iron links.

Cable 2

Definition: A rope of steel wire, or copper wire, usually covered with some protecting or insulating substance; as, the cable of a suspension bridge; a telegraphic cable.

Cable 3

Definition: A molding, shaft of a column, or any other member of convex, rounded section, made to resemble the spiral twist of a rope; called also cable molding.

Cable 4

Definition: To fasten with a cable.

Cable 5

Definition: To ornament with cabling. See Cabling.

Cable 6

Definition: To telegraph by a submarine cable

cable 7

Definition: a very strong thick rope made of twisted hemp or steel wire

cable 8

Definition: a television system transmitted over cables

cable 9

Definition: a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power

cable 10

Definition: a telegram sent abroad

cable 11

Definition: television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

cable 12

Definition: a nautical unit of depth

cable 13

Definition: send cables, wires, or telegrams

cable 14

Definition: fasten with a cable; "cable trees"


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