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Busy 1

Definition: Engaged in some business; hard at work (either habitually or only for the time being); occupied with serious affairs; not idle nor at leisure; as, a busy merchant.

Busy 2

Definition: Constantly at work; diligent; active.

Busy 3

Definition: Crowded with business or activities; said of places and times; as, a busy street.

Busy 4

Definition: Officious; meddling; foolish active.

Busy 5

Definition: Careful; anxious.

busy 6

Definition: keep busy with; "She busies herself with her butterfly collection"

busy 7

Definition: crowdedwith or characterized by much activity; "a very busy week"; "a busy life"; "a busy street"; "a busy seaport"

busy 8

Definition: actively or fully engaged or occupied; "busy with her work"; "a busy man"; "too busy to eat lunch"; "the line is busy"

busy 9

Definition: intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner; "an interfering old woman"; "bustling about self-importantly making an officious nuisance of himself"; "busy about other people''s business"

busy 10

Definition: (of facilities such as telephones or lavatories) unavailable for use by anyone else or indicating unavailability; (`engaged'' is a British term for a busy telephone line); "her line is busy"; "receptionists'' telephones are always engaged"; "the lavatory

busy 11

Definition: overcrowded or cluttered with detail; "a busy painting"; "a fussy design"


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