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Boost 1

Definition: To lift or push from behind (one who is endeavoring to climb); to push up; hence, to assist in overcoming obstacles, or in making advancement.

Boost 2

Definition: A push from behind, as to one who is endeavoring to climb; help.

boost 3

Definition: the act of giving hope or support to someone

boost 4

Definition: the act of giving an upward push; "he gave her a boost over the fence"

boost 5

Definition: an increase in cost; "they asked for a rise in rates"

boost 6

Definition: give a boost to; be beneficial to; "The tax cut will boost the economy"

boost 7

Definition: increase or raise; "boost the voltage in an electrical circuit"

boost 8

Definition: push or shove upward, as if from below or behind; "The singer had to be boosted onto the stage by a special contraption"

boost 9

Definition: increase; "The landlord hiked up the rents"

boost 10

Definition: contribute to the progress or growth of; "I am promoting the use of computers in the classroom"


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