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Bent 1

Definition: of Bend

Bent 2

Definition: imp. p. p. of Bend.

Bent 3

Definition: Changed by pressure so as to be no longer straight; crooked; as, a bent pin; a bent lever.

Bent 4

Definition: Strongly inclined toward something, so as to be resolved, determined, set, etc.; said of the mind, character, disposition, desires, etc., and used with on; as, to be bent on going to college; he is bent on mischief.

Bent 5

Definition: The state of being curved, crooked, or inclined from a straight line; flexure; curvity; as, the bent of a bow.

Bent 6

Definition: A declivity or slope, as of a hill.

Bent 7

Definition: A leaning or bias; proclivity; tendency of mind; inclination; disposition; purpose; aim.

Bent 8

Definition: Particular direction or tendency; flexion; course.

Bent 9

Definition: A transverse frame of a framed structure.

Bent 10

Definition: Tension; force of acting; energy; impetus.

Bent 11

Definition: A reedlike grass; a stalk of stiff, coarse grass.

Bent 12

Definition: A grass of the genus Agrostis, esp. Agrostis vulgaris, or redtop. The name is also used of many other grasses, esp. in America.

Bent 13

Definition: Any neglected field or broken ground; a common; a moor.

bent 14

Definition: a special way of doing something; "he had a bent for it"; "he had a special knack for getting into trouble"; "he couldn''t get the hang of it"

bent 15

Definition: a relatively permanent inclination to react in a particular way; "the set of his mind was obvious"

bent 16

Definition: grass for pastures and lawns especially bowling and putting greens

bent 17

Definition: of metal e.g.; "bent nails"; "a car with a crumpled front end"; "dented fenders"

bent 18

Definition: used especially of the head or upper back; "a bent head and sloping shoulders"

bent 19

Definition: used of the back and knees; stooped; "on bended knee"; "with bent (or bended) back"

bent 20

Definition: fixed in your purpose; "bent on going to the theater"; "dead set against intervening"; "out to win every event"

bent 21

Definition: altered from an originally straight condition; "a bent wire"


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