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Benefit 1

Definition: An act of kindness; a favor conferred.

Benefit 2

Definition: Whatever promotes prosperity and personal happiness, or adds value to property; advantage; profit.

Benefit 3

Definition: A theatrical performance, a concert, or the like, the proceeds of which do not go to the lessee of the theater or to the company, but to some individual actor, or to some charitable use.

Benefit 4

Definition: Beneficence; liberality.

Benefit 5

Definition: Natural advantages; endowments; accomplishments.

Benefit 6

Definition: To be beneficial to; to do good to; to advantage; to advance in health or prosperity; to be useful to; to profit.

Benefit 7

Definition: To gain advantage; to make improvement; to profit; as, he will benefit by the change.

benefit 8

Definition: something that aids or promotes well-being; "for the common good"

benefit 9

Definition: a performance to raise money for a charitable cause

benefit 10

Definition: financial assistance in time of need

benefit 11

Definition: derive a benefit from; "She profited from his vast experience"

benefit 12

Definition: be beneficial for; "This will do you good"


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