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Ban 1

Definition: A public proclamation or edict; a public order or notice, mandatory or prohibitory; a summons by public proclamation.

Ban 2

Definition: Notice of a proposed marriage, proclaimed in church. See Banns (the common spelling in this sense).

Ban 3

Definition: An interdiction, prohibition, or proscription.

Ban 4

Definition: A curse or anathema.

Ban 5

Definition: A pecuniary mulct or penalty laid upon a delinquent for offending against a ban; as, a mulct paid to a bishop by one guilty of sacrilege or other crimes.

Ban 6

Definition: To curse; to invoke evil upon.

Ban 7

Definition: To forbid; to interdict.

Ban 8

Definition: To curse; to swear.

Ban 9

Definition: An ancient title of the warden of the eastern marches of Hungary; now, a title of the viceroy of Croatia and Slavonia.

ban 10

Definition: a decree that prohibits something

BAN 11

Definition: a bachelor''s degree in nursing

ban 12

Definition: an official prohibition or edict against something

ban 13

Definition: bani equal leu

ban 14

Definition: bani equal leu

ban 15

Definition: prohibit especially by legal means or social pressure; "Smoking is banned in this building"

ban 16

Definition: forbid the public distribution of a movie or a newspaper)

ban 17

Definition: expel from a community or group

ban 18

Definition: ban from a place of residence, as for punishment


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