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Bacchanal 1

Definition: Relating to Bacchus or his festival.

Bacchanal 2

Definition: Engaged in drunken revels; drunken and riotous or noisy.

Bacchanal 3

Definition: A devotee of Bacchus; one who indulges in drunken revels; one who is noisy and riotous when intoxicated; a carouser.

Bacchanal 4

Definition: The festival of Bacchus; the bacchanalia.

Bacchanal 5

Definition: Drunken revelry; an orgy.

Bacchanal 6

Definition: A song or dance in honor of Bacchus.

bacchanal 7

Definition: a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity

bacchanal 8

Definition: a drunken reveller; a devotee of Bacchus

bacchanal 9

Definition: someone who engages in drinking bouts

bacchanal 10

Definition: used of riotously drunken merrymaking; "a night of bacchanalian revelry"; "carousing bands of drunken soldiers"; "orgiastic festivity"


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