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Agree 1

Definition: In good part; kindly.

Agree 2

Definition: To harmonize in opinion, statement, or action; to be in unison or concord; to be or become united or consistent; to concur; as, all parties agree in the expediency of the law.

Agree 3

Definition: To yield assent; to accede; followed by to; as, to agree to an offer, or to opinion.

Agree 4

Definition: To make a stipulation by way of settling differences or determining a price; to exchange promises; to come to terms or to a common resolve; to promise.

Agree 5

Definition: To be conformable; to resemble; to coincide; to correspond; as, the picture does not agree with the original; the two scales agree exactly.

Agree 6

Definition: To suit or be adapted in its effects; to do well; as, the same food does not agree with every constitution.

Agree 7

Definition: To correspond in gender, number, case, or person.

Agree 8

Definition: To make harmonious; to reconcile or make friends.

Agree 9

Definition: To admit, or come to one mind concerning; to settle; to arrange; as, to agree the fact; to agree differences.

agree 10

Definition: consent or assent to a condition, or agree to do something; "She agreed to all my conditions"; "He agreed to leave her alone"

agree 11

Definition: be in accord; be in agreement; "We agreed on the terms of the settlement"; "I can''t agree with you!"; "I hold with those who say life is sacred"; "Both philosophers concord on this point"

agree 12

Definition: achieve harmony of opinion, feeling, or purpose; "No two of my colleagues would agree on whom to elect chairman"

agree 13

Definition: be agreeable or suitable; "White wine doesn''t agree with me"

agree 14

Definition: be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics; "The two stories don''t agree in many details"; "The handwriting checks with the signature on the check"; "The suspect''s fingerprints don''t match those on the gun"

agree 15

Definition: go together; "The colors don''t harmonize"; "Their ideas concorded"

agree 16

Definition: show grammatical agreement; "Subjects and verbs must always agree in English"


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