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Agent 1

Definition: Acting; opposed to patient, or sustaining, action.

Agent 2

Definition: One who exerts power, or has the power to act; an actor.

Agent 3

Definition: One who acts for, or in the place of, another, by authority from him; one intrusted with the business of another; a substitute; a deputy; a factor.

Agent 4

Definition: An active power or cause; that which has the power to produce an effect; as, a physical, chemical, or medicinal agent; as, heat is a powerful agent.

agent 5

Definition: the semantic role of the animate entity that instigates or causes the hapening denoted by the verb in the clause

agent 6

Definition: an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect; "their research uncovered new disease agents"

agent 7

Definition: a businessman who buys or sells for another in exchange for a commission

agent 8

Definition: a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations

agent 9

Definition: any agent or representative of a federal agency or bureau

agent 10

Definition: a substance that exerts some force or effect


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